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Support our efforts through special offers of
Educational Videos, Sargent Palettes, Giclées, and Michael Shane Neal's book.

Missed a conference or webinar?  Want to relive one of the demonstrations?  Enjoy highlights of prior conferences and webinars in your own home or studio. 100% of proceeds from digital video sales go directly to the Portrait Society, helping us serve our highest public purpose in providing you access to quality educational resources and experiences.

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Educational Videos

The Portrait Society has undertaken a very special project.  We have created a limited production, museum quality Sargent palette. Included with your purchase is a video that tells the story of how the palette traveled from Sargent’s Studio in Chelsea to Kinstler’s studio in Connecticut and a bonus interview with Richard Ormond, Sargent’s grand nephew filmed in Sargent’s Tite Street Studio.

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Sargent Palette

​The Portrait Society has created two special edition giclées.


The first one commemorates the Portrait Society’s 10th anniversary and featured portraits painted by and of Daniel Greene, Everett Raymond Kinstler and Burton Silverman.


The second honors Everett Raymond Kinstler’s 70 years of teaching and is a painting of him by Michael Shane Neal.



Thirty years ago, Chair Michael Shane Neal began in earnest to capture as much as possible the teachings of his mentor and world renowned painter Everett Raymond Kinstler. In his newly released book, The Art of Seeing, he has organized these ‘truths’ in ten chapters including Drawing, Value, Color, Edges and Feeling. It is Neal’s hope that by sharing Kinstler’s teachings he will keep alive the information that others had shared so freely with Kinstler and what he learned and taught during his lifetime.

The Art of Seeing

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