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John Singer Sargent Arm Palette

(allow 6 weeks for delivery)

Few artists are held in such high esteem for their portrait and figurative works as John Singer Sargent. Admirers of Sargent's work stand in awe of the magnificent fluidity with which he moved his brush, placing the paint in exactly the right spot. It seems to have been done so effortlessly that you could easily believe that the paint might still be wet. This year marks 98 years since Sargent's passing in 1925. Personal items connected to him are rare and highly sought after; even his signed letters are increasing in price every year and much that once graced his studio work environment has slipped away. Fortunately one of the Portrait Society's founding advisors, Everett Raymond Kinstler, owns the very item that most artists would desire from Sargent's Tite Street Studio, his arm palette. With Kinstler's permission, you can purchase an exact museum quality reproduction of that palette from Sargent’s Tite Street studio in Chelsea, London to the Kinstler studio in Connecticut, including a DVD interview with Richard Ormond, grand nephew of John Singer Sargent.  

Our exact museum quality reproduction of the

John Singer Sargent Palette is pictured below.

Front of Sargent replica palette
Back of Sargent replica palette
John Singer Sargent and his palette
A man painting
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