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  Own a Special Edition Giclee

Everett Raymond Kinstler Giclee Painted by Michael Shane Neal

$ 345.00

"It is never lost on me how incredibly blessed I am, to spend time with this amazingly talented man and to have been learning 'at the feet' of a master for the past 20 years."                                                                                                            -- Michael Shane Neal 


During the 2012 annual The Art of the Portrait and in honor of almost seventy years of teaching and sharing, Michael Shane Neal unveiled his portrait of his long time mentor Everett Raymond Kinstler. As a man who is dedicated to creating fine art, he believes in mentoring fellow artists. Mr. Kinstler, a founding Advisory Board member, has graciously given his time each year to teach at The Art of the Portrait for 17 years. The original painting by Shane was started during a demonstration at the 2011 The Art of the Portrait conference. Both artists were wearing wireless microphones, and the audience was able to watch over Shane's shoulder as he painted and listen in on the shared camaraderie. In the painting, Shane captured Mr. Kinstler in a direct yet warm manner, leaning slightly forward ready to share an experience or a bit of wisdom. Both artists, generous in sharing their time and support of the educational efforts of the Portrait Society, agreed to the creation of a limited edition giclée of the portrait. The commemorative giclée is reproduced on canvas at the same size as the original, showing each brush stroke, values and colors, and celebrates over twenty years of friendship between two extraordinary artists. Giclées are signed by the both artists and as a bonus, each purchase includes a complementary DVD of the 2011 demonstration.  All proceeds will benefit the Portrait Society educational programs.  

Tripartite Giclée by Daniel Greene, Everett Raymond Kinstler, and Burton Silverman

$ 485.00

The Portrait Society is making one of its most valuable offers to date – a pigment-based giclée on canvas of portraits painted by Daniel Greene, N.A, Everett Raymond Kinstler, N.A., and Burton Silverman, N.A., of one another in succession, creating the triple portrait now available on a single canvas. This commemorative giclée celebrates the camaraderie, candor, and once-in-a-lifetime experience of a live demonstration by these three virtuoso talents. Each giclée is signed by the three master artists, and the edition is extremely limited. In addition, you will receive a 3-DVD set featuring the live demonstrations by Greene, Kinstler, and Silverman immortalized on this single canvas. The three artists have generously agreed to donate all proceeds to the Portrait Society of America. 


For more information, please contact the Portrait Society office in the United States toll-free at 877-772-4321 or 850-878-9996. There are only a few of these giclées left, please call our office for availability.

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