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Sharing the Podcast Wealth

What better medium is there for doing what I like to call “research” than listening to a podcast during a long commute, when you're out for a run, or spending the day at the easel. The wealth of knowledge available today is amazing. Podcasts range from information about your favorite artists and marketing experts to popular galleries and museums. They have stories to tell and plenty of knowledge to share.

My interest in listening to podcasts began as a stay at home mom while trying to build a business as an artist. Alone time at my easel was a blessing while the kids were in school. At that time, I didn’t have a business background or a formal art education. My desire to learn propelled me on my journey. I researched the artists I admired, looked to see who they studied with, and read articles they published.

One day I stumbled on a blog by Leslie Saeta, Artists Helping Artists which was when I discovered the world of podcasts. She has been broadcasting her podcasts for eight years with over 400 episodes. Her background is marketing, which she used to build a successful career in art. She shares her insights and experience in every episode. In one episode, Leslie promoted a “30 paintings in 30 days” series, where she challenged listeners to join her in the painting exercise. I participated in the event and learned that its easier said than done to get in the studio for 30 straight days to complete a small painting. For me, it was about pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone to try new things. I forced myself to face the easel every day no matter what and developed new habits.

Leslie’s podcasts made me hungry for insights into other artists stories. What was the driving mechanism that made them who they were? This lead to my introduction to John Dalton's podcast. His discussions with artists about the nitty-gritty of art making and living the creative life are truly inspiring. I can’t say that any particular artist resonated with me, maybe because there were so many, but I did hear some of the same messages often. I learned there are no easy ways to build your skills as an artist; you have to put in the miles on your brushes and push through when it gets difficult.

Next, came Antrese Wood and The Savvy Painter podcast. Antrese quit her job as an Art Director at Disney to paint full-time. She didn’t know how to market or promote her work and wanted to learn from other artists, so she began her weekly podcasts. She interviewed painters who discussed how they had honed their craft and shared pivotal moments in their careers. Other interviews are with authors or marketing experts who share tips to promote your work and improve your business. Antrese saw the need for concrete ways of doing things and a way to share with other artists. She also publishes notes and links to everything discussed on the show!

My next discovery was Youngman Brown’s podcast, Your Creative Push. I was focused on learning what artists do to pursue their creative passion. The idea behind the podcast is to start whatever it is you want to pursue and don’t overthink it. I sometimes suffer from “analysis paralysis” and think about a lot of different ideas but tend to stay in my comfort zone. This podcast isn’t about the art itself; it is about the process of doing the art and not letting obstacles stand in your way.

There is a vast world of opportunity available on the internet today. It only takes a little time and effort to expand your mind. I encourage you to try a few of the podcasts in this article and see what nuggets of information resonate with you and provides the key that unlocks the door to the next leg of your journey as an artist. All the resources I've listed are FREE and listened to on any laptop, desktop or phone.

Please comment below if you have a favorite podcast you want to share. I look forward to hearing from you!

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