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2023 Members Only Competition Winners

Below are the images of the top placing artworks as well as lists of finalists in each category. Click on the images to see the winners' names and titles of winning entries.

2023 Winners, Commissioned Portrait

1st Place: Mardie Rees

2nd Place: MingYang Zhang

3rd Place: Joseph Daily

4th Place: Xin Fang

5th Place: Aapo Pukk

6th Place: Nanci France-Vaz

7th Place: Howard Lyon

8th Place: Samuel Hoskins

9th Place: Tom Edgerton

10th Place: Impas Florentino Jr

Finalists, Commissioned Portrait

Daud Akhriev, Jose Antonio Bedolla, Ned Bittinger, John Borowicz, Melissa Breault, Katherine Buchanan, Alan Clarke, Ellen Cooper, Sandra Corpora, Camille Day, Valori Fussell, Carol Kirby, Robert Maniscalco, Shi Mei, Ted Nuttall, Carol Peebles, Connie L Reilly, Peter Smeeth, Jennifer Stallone Riddell, Alexandra Tyng, and Robin Williamson

2023 Winners, Non-Commissioned Portrait

1st Place: Tina Figarelli

2nd Place: Daud Akhriev

3rd Place: Anne Singer

4th Place: Crystal Despain

5th Place: Kevin Chambers

6th Place: David Jamieson

7th Place: Qiuzhen Wei

8th Place: Susan O'Neill

9th Place: Maria Battista

10th Place: Mike Wimmer

Finalists, Non-Commissioned Portrait

Anna Rose Bain, Jose Antonio Bedolla, Kim Bernadas, Ned Bittinger, Annabella Boatwright, Linda Brandon, Jie Cai, Robin Cole, Debra Balchen, Raiñer Duhaylungsod, Kim Gorrasi, Jaq Grantford, Liz Harris, Jean Hildebrant, Carter Jones, Lisa Kovvuri, Megan Lawlor, Judith Leeds, Patrick McGannon, Chongsun Oh, Corey Pitkin, Daniel Robbins, Deborah Schlossman, Oliver Sin, Chantal Sulkow, Louise Weir, Yuezhi Zhang and Ligang Zheng

2023 Winners, Outside the Box

1st Place: Sherrie McGraw

2nd Place: Dana Hawk

3rd Place: Kathy Morris

4th Place: E. Melinda Morrison

5th Place: Ali Cavanaugh

6th Place: Katie Hogan

7th Place: Kevin Macpherson

8th Place: Jen Starling

9th Place: Deborah Schlossman

10th Place: Tanja Gant

Finalists, Outside the Box

Daud Akhriev, Dominique Bisson, Ned Bittinger, Olena Burykina, Mary Chiaramonte Carroll, Chris Clamp, Denise Dambrackas, Tim Dose, Nanci France-Vaz, Rosanna Gaddoni, David Goatley, Catherine Hafer, Natalie Hirschman, Primary Hughes, Shana Levenson, Howard Lyon, Laurie Maddalina, Brian McClear, Daniel Robbins, and Charles Young Walls

2023 Winners, Landscape

1st Place: Hsin-Yao

2nd Place: Lori Putnam

3rd Place: Jing Zhao

4th Place: David McLeod

5th Place: Daud Akhriev

6th Place: Aapo Pukk

7th Place: Jiaxuan Yi

8th Place: Qiuzhen Wei

9th Place: Matteo Caloiaro

10th Place: John Suh

Finalists, Landscape

Suzie Baker, Barbara Benton, Carol Berning, Donna Catotti, Stephanie Chang, Mary Chiaramonte Carroll, Joseph Daily, Grace DeVito, Gavin Glakas, Diego Glazer, Thomas Caleb Goggans, Christina Kent, Jessica Lewis, Craig Pursley, Daniel Robbins, William Schneider, Meghan Sours, Doreen StJohn, Alexandra Tyng, and MingYang Zhang

2023 Winners, Animals as the Subject

1st Place: Brenda Matsen

2nd Place: Suzanne Barrett Justis

3rd Place: Ken Corbett

4th Place: Felicia Feldman

5th Place: Mary Chiaramonte Carroll

6th Place: Rosanna Gaddoni

7th Place: Leah Hopkins Henry

8th Place: Atanas Mihaltchev

9th Place: Catherine Hafer

10th Place: Janet Maines

Finalists, Animals as the Subject

Naomi Allen, Kurt Anderson, Annabella Boatwright, Linda Brandon, Mary Ross Buchholz, John Buxton, Jamie Cassaboon, Joseph Daily, Eva Evangelista, Tina Figarelli, Eddy Greenwood, Shuai Han, Anthony Hedrick, Krystii Melaine, Linda Reynolds,
Melissa Selcow, Erin Schulz, Alexandra Telgmann, Oyunaa Waskin, and Jeanne Whitney

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