2020 Members Only Competition Winners

Below are the images of the top placing artworks as well as lists of finalists in each category. Click on the images to see the winners' names and titles of winning entries.

2020 Winners, Commissioned Portrait

1st Place: Alexandra Tyng

2nd Place: John Seibels Walker

3rd Place: Mary Qian 

4th Place: Thomas Caleb Goggans

5th Place: Evert Ploeg

6th Place: Rick Casali

7th Place: Landon Clay

8th Place: Jacqueline Jasper

9th Place: Barbara Hack

10th Place: Jessica Lewis

Finalists, Commissioned Portrait

Dustin Adamson, Kurt Anderson, Suzie Baker, Stacy Barter, Kelly Birkenruth, Phil Boatwright, Melinda Borysevicz, Tamara Callens, Robin Damore, Chris diDomizio, Congxian Dong, Tom Edgerton, Michael Fitzpatrick, Tina Garrett, Michael Hall, Brenda Hash, Joan Iatesta Smith, Carol Kirby, Linda Kollacks, Olga Krimon, Ying-He Liu, Abigail McBride, Negin Mohseni Nejad, Susan Patton, Sasha Phillips, Aapo Pukk, Rita Romero, Sally Ryan, Pavel Sokov, Jianwu Tan, Patricia Watwood, Jennifer Welty, Robin Williamson, Tuo Yu, and Vladimir Zlotskiy

2020 Winners, Non-Commissioned Portrait

1st Place: Daud Akhriev

2nd Place: Max Ginsburg

3rd Place: Alexandra Tyng

4th Place: Janet Maines 

5th Place: Matteo Caloiaro

6th Place: Eric Johnson

7th Place: John Buxton

8th Place: Mary Buckman

9th Place: Timur D. Akhriev

10th Place: Lisa Kovvuri

Finalists, Non-Commissioned Portrait

Stacy Barter, James Bentley, Paul Brourman, Lindy Bruggink, Yong Chen, Matthew James Collins, Robin Damore, Grace DeVito, Riley Doyle, Theo Felizzola, Tracy Frein, Tina Garrett, Jaq Grantford, Samantha Hand, Jayson Jia, Mostafa Keyhani, Sam Knecht, Alison Landry, Jesse Lane, Jong Lee, David Martinez, Meghan McCall, Heather McGarey, E. Melinda Morrison, Ricky Mujica, Mattie Ree Neal, Patrick Neilson, Evert Ploeg, Terry Reimer, Patricia Rice, Oliver Sin, Pavel Sokov, Mark Stephenson, Ann Moeller Steverson, Jianwu Tan, Lewis Isaac Testa, Anna Toberman, Nicole Troup, Hsin-Yao Tseng, Maria Villioti, Charles Young Walls, Amy Werntz, Mike Wimmer, Heidi Yacoubian, Dong Yang, Tuo Yu, Fei Zhang, Yang Zhao, and Vladimir Zlotskiy

2020 Winners, Outside the Box

1st Place: Michael Bergt

2nd Place: Shuai Han

3rd Place: Howard Lyon

4th Place: Olena Burykina

5th Place: Matteo Caloiaro

6th Place: Anna Rose Bain

7th Place: Bryony Bensly

8th Place: Patricia Schappler

9th Place: Alexandra Tyng

10th Place: Primary Hughes

Finalists, Outside the Box

Ronilo Abayan, James Bentley, Heather Brunetti, Denise Dambrackas, Michael T. Davis, Erin Farnsworth, Sue Foell, Paulo Frade, Max Ginsburg, Linda H Reynolds, Dana Hawk Heimbach, Lihuai He, Leah Hopkins Henry, Jerry Jordan, Diana Kirkpatrick, Olga Krimon, Jesse Lane, Nancy Lane, Shana Levenson, Jessica Lewis, Ellen Starr Lyon, Julia Maddalina, Gayle Madeira, Lib Mason, Jenedy Paige, Nemanja Petrovic, GayLynn Ribeira, Diane Russell, Steve Scheuring, Tara Sood, Chell Vassallo, Daniel Volenec, Gail Wegodsky, Daniela Werneck, and Fei Zhang

2020 Winners, Plein Air

1st Place: Robert Johnson

2nd Place: William Neukomm

3rd Place: Jayson Jia

4th Place: Ellen Buselli

5th Place: Mostafa Keyhani

6th Place: Anna Rose Bain

7th Place: Lihuai He

8th Place: Jun Impas

9th Place: Paul Rosiak

10th Place: Coleen B Barnhart

Finalists, Plein Air

Susan Anderson, Suzie Baker, Megan Euell, Debra Keirce, Abigail McBride, Marlene Steele, and Maryann Taggart

2020 Winners, Animals as the Subject

1st Place: Shuai Han

2nd Place: Dong Yang

3rd Place: Bryony Bensly

4th Place: Grace Devito

5th Place: Evie Baskin

6th Place: Mary Cornish

7th Place: Carrie Nygren

8th Place: Diana Kirkpatrick

9th Place: Mary Buchholz

10th Place: Hsin-Yao Tseng

Finalists, Animals as the Subject

Suchitra Bhosle, Rebecca Luncan, Robert Johnson, Shana Levenson, Susan Lim, Janet Maines, Nancy Bea Miller, Lori Putnam, James E. Tennison, and Oyunaa Waskin

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