21st International Portrait Competition Winners

2019 Winners were presented at The Art of the Portrait Conference

April 25-28, 2019 - Atlanta, GA


Congratulations to the 24 finalists whose work was displayed at the 21st annual The Art of the Portrait conference in Atlanta, Georgia, April 25-28, 2019. We had a record-setting number of entries this year! At midnight on February 21, we were only 32 works short of 3,000 entries – the largest number we have ever received! Don’t let anyone tell you that Portraiture and Figurative Art is not alive and well!

Grand Prize Winner

Grand Prize Winner Seth Haverkamp Norris, TN, USA Mars Rising, 60 x 44", Oil

1st Place Painting

First Place Painting and People's Choice Alex Venezia Cary, NC, USA Haunting, 20 x 16", Oil

1st Place Sculpture

First Place Sculpture Erin McCarthy Revere, MA, USA Simple Man, 9.5 x 7.5 x 20.5", Plaster

1st Place Drawing

First Place Drawing Sookyi Lee Singapore, Singapore White Gown, 14 x 11", Charcoal on toned paper

Second Place

Second Place Joshua LaRock Raleigh, NC, USA Midshipman, US Naval Academy, 42 x 30", Oil

Third Place

Third Place Quang Ho Denver, CO, USA The Farmhand (Noelle), 38 x 24", Oil

Fourth Place

Fourth Place Casey Childs Pleasant Grove, UT, USA Youthful Decadence, 34.5 x 60", Oil

Fifth Place

Fifth Place Amy Werntz Dallas, TX, USA Marjorie, 15 x 24”, Oil

1st Honor Award

1st Honor Award Timothy Rees Mesa, AZ, USA The Bribe, 57 x 48", Oil

2nd Honor Award

2nd Honor Award Katherine Stone Toronto, Ontario, Canada Childish Things, 24 x 28", Oil

Exceptional Merit

Exceptional Merit Aron Belka New Orleans, LA, USA Clifton Faust, 48 x 48", Oil

Exceptional Merit

Exceptional Merit Ellen Cooper Media, PA, USA Rachel, 32 x 26", Oil

Exceptional Merit

Exceptional Merit Michael Hall Provo, UT, USA Martin Luther King Jr., The Night Before the I Have a Dream Speech, 18.5 x 8.5 x 14.25", Bronze with patina

Exceptional Merit

Exceptional Merit Jeff Hein Salt Lake City, UT, USA Chad, 20 x 16", Oil

Exceptional Merit

Exceptional Merit Pramod Kurlekar Vasai, Maharashtra, India Freelancer, 43 x 32'', Oil

Exceptional Merit

Exceptional Merit Carol Peebles New Orleans, LA, USA Gigi At 13, 23 x 18", Charcoal

Exceptional Merit

Exceptional Merit Mark Pugh Pleasant Grove, UT, USA Mother's Song, 27 x 48", Oil

Exceptional Merit

Exceptional Merit Aapo Pukk Saue, Estonia Estonian Cello Player Peeter Paemurru, 41 x 30“, Oil

Exceptional Merit

Exceptional Merit Mary Qian Chicago, IL, USA Chicago, 40 x 30", Oil

Exceptional Merit

Exceptional Merit Mardie Rees Gig Harbor, WA, USA Wholehearted, 16.75 x 8 x 4.75”, Kiln cast glass

Exceptional Merit

Exceptional Merit Lorena Selim Annandale, VA, USA Self-Portrait, 31 x 25", Oil

Exceptional Merit

Exceptional Merit Oliver Sin San Francisco, CA, USA Bob, 17 x 14", Vine charcoal

Exceptional Merit

Exceptional Merit Susan Wakeen Litchfield, CT, USA Iris, 18 x 8.5 x 8", Clay for bronze

Exceptional Merit

Exceptional Merit Ming Yu Chaoyang District, Beijing, China The Shepherd's Song, 50.7 x 62.4", Oil

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