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The Cecilia Beaux Forum Mentorship Program

2024 Application Deadline: October 1, 2023

Creating mentoring opportunities for women artists by fostering relationships between established and emerging artists in a nine-month program.

The program fosters relationships between established artists and advanced emerging female artists. Participants of the Mentoring Program will work one-on-one with their mentor over the nine-month period, using personal goals as focus and motivation. Click the button above to fill out the application inquiry, and an application will be emailed to you. 

Requirements to apply, you must:

  • Be a Portrait Society of America Member

  • Be a Cecilia Beaux Forum Member

  • Have advanced experience in your chosen medium, including working from life

  • Have specific goals to achieve with the help of a mentor

  • Have a portfolio of 8-10 works


2024 Application Deadline: October 1, 2023

Application fee:  $35

Program fee:  $315

Total Cost:  $350

Applicants that are not chosen to participate for the 2024 program year will have their portfolios reviewed by mentors and will receive written feedback. 

Prospectus & Ap Form 2024.jpg

Get Involved


Mentors must possess leadership abilities, program coordination skills, professional development experience, and be detail-oriented. If you are interested in volunteering as a Cecilia Beaux Forum Mentor, please email

Mentoring Partners for 2023

Julia Dixon with Carol Arnold

Angela Classi with Dominique Medici

Susan Lim with Jamie Lindholm

Kaysha Siemens with Patty Rice

Miriam Baranov with Peggy Baumgaertner

Alison Landry with Tina Garrett

GayLynn Ribeira with Ellen Cooper

Jolynn Forman with Chantel Barber

Cecilia Beaux, Ernesta, 1914,

71 3/4 x 43 3/8 in., oil on canvas,

Metropolitan Museum of Art

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