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Artist to Artist Artwork Critique Service

We invite you to take advantage of this member service and submit your work to be critiqued by a nationally known artist. Recently we revamped and expanded this service to make it work better for you. For a fee of $35, members are invited to email up to five artworks. One of our acclaimed faculty will personally call you to review and discuss your artwork, addressing issues from color and composition to anatomy and perspective. Members may submit JPG or TIFF files.


It's easy to use this service. Just click "Submit Online" and you will be stepped through the process. 

"Fantastic, very helpful, the artist who critiqued my work was obviously extremely knowledgeable...very specific constructive suggestions which I will incorporate into my new work.  I was really surprised at how thorough and detailed the critique was.  It was most affordable, and I will use the program again." - California Member

Click image above to download

Faculty Artists:

Leslie Adams

Linda Tracey Brandon

Casey Childs

Ellen Cooper

Grace Devito

Tom Edgerton

David Goatley

Thomas Caleb Goggans

Brenda Hash

Jon Houghton

Amy Kann (sculpture only)

Sam Knecht

7.23 Critiques.jpeg

Katherine McNenly

Greg Mortenson

Ricky Mujica

Rich Nelson

Catherine Prescott

Jada Rowland

Ann Kraft Walker

John Seibels Walker

Dawn Whitelaw

Lea Colie Wight

Luana Luconi Winner

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