2014 Members Only Competition Winners

Below are the Images of the top placed artworks as well as the list of additional awards given in each category.


2014 Commissioned Winners

2014 Commissioned Additional Awards

Merit Award Winners: Krystii Melaine, Cuong Nguyen, Kathryn L. Richardson, Kristy Gordon, Terry Strickland, Lance Richlin, Lacey Lewis, Jean Grunewald, Matthew James Collins, Holly Bedrosian

Honorable Mention: Bodil Bacciarini, Brenda Hash, Aimee Erickson, Anna Rose Bain, Jennifer Welty, John Ennis, Alexandra Tyng, Garry Kravit, Danielle Richard, Jacqueline Jasper

2014 Non-Commissioned Winners

2014 Non-Commissioned Additional Awards

Merit Award Winners: Stephanie Deshpande, David Hardy, Jim Salvati, Chris Saper, Judy Takacs, Jon Houghton, Casey Childs, Michael O'Sullivan, Krystal Brown, Ellen Eagle

Honorable Mention: Suzie Baker, Danielle Richard, Scott Wallace Johnston, Alastair Dacey, Donna Colleran, John A. Varriano, Lisa Kovvuri, Louise Morin Dichard, Marc Chatov, John Ennis

2014 Outside the Box Winners

2014 Outside the Box Additional Awards

Merit Award Winners: Nicole Alger, Jane Radstrom, Steve Scheuring, David Tanner, Tim Reynolds, Marc Chatov, Beth Rundquist, John Suh, Sunti Pichetchaiyakul, Danielle Richard

Honorable Mention: Gabriela G Dellosso, Sharon Sprung, Melinda Borysevicz, Jen Toplak, Tim Tyler, Janet A. Cook, Ju Oshiro, Michael Van Zeyl, Dominique Medici, Terry Strickland

2014 Sculpture Winners

2014 Sculpture Additional Awards

Merit Award Winners: Alison Belt, Rod Peterson, Chippie Kennedy, Deb Zeller, Judeth Davis

Honorable Mention: Matthew James Collins, Philip Perschbacher, Marian Flahavin, Paula Slater, Melanie Furtado

2014 Still-Life Winners

2014 Still-Life Additional Awards

Merit Award Winners: Jeanne Leemon, Yer Vue, Ann Kraft Walker, Jan Jewell, Christina Ramos

Honorable Mention: John Suh, Manu Saluja, Lori Putnam, David Hettinger, Olga Krimon

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2nd Place:

Mardie Rees Soul of the Forward and Faithful, WWII Marine Raider Memorial, 33"x 46"x18", bronze