2014 International Portrait Competition Finalist

William Draper Grand Prize: Bryce Billings, UT A Father's Dreams and a Son's Love

First Place Painting: Tony Pro, CA Last train home, 36x65", Oil on linen

First Place Sculpture: Alicia Ponzio, CA In Recent Days, A Self Portrait

Second Place: Jeff Hein, UT Cold 20x16", oil on Linen

Third Place: Kelly Carmody, MA Self Portrait, 36x65", Oil on canvas

Fourth Place: Aron Belka, LA Untitled, 60x48", Oil on canvas

Fifth Place: TJ Cunningham, FL Reluctance, 24x48", Oil on Linen

First Honor Award: Seth Haverkamp, TN Ponderings, 24x36", Oil on board

Second Honor Award: Adam Clague, MO Knitter's Gift, 30x30", Oil on linen

Third Honor Award: Olga Krimon, CA Ania, 24x24", oil on linen

Exceptional Merit: Paul Batch, CT Waleska, 18x24", Charcoal on Paper

Exceptional Merit: Aimee Erickson, OR Self Portrait with Key, 20x60", oil on canvas

Exceptional Merit: Gavin Glakas, VA. Firelight Sonata, 30" x 40", oil on linen

Exceptional Merit: Kristy Gordon, NY Star Child, 48"x 24," oil on canvas

Exceptional Merit: Barbara Kiwak, MD Guitarist 18x24 charcol on paper

Exceptional Merit: Sandra Kuck, FL Yvonne ("If") 36"X44", Oil on Canvas

Exceptional Merit: Clement Kwan, BC Forever Playing, 24"x 20", oil on linen canvas

Exceptional Merit: Ricky Mujica, NY Evening Ritual, 30x24", Oil on canvas

Exceptional Merit: Aapo Pukk, EU Maarika, 40x30". Oil on canvas

Exceptional Merit: James Tennison, TX Boy With a Bow Tie, 20" x 16", Oil on canvas

Exceptional Merit: Wesley Wofford, NC Alvin Saunders Johnson, 28"h x 16"w x 16"D, clay for bonded bronze

  2014 International Portrait Competition

Certificate of Excellence

Dominic Avant, FL Pizzicatto, 18x24,oil

Theodora Capat, Stockholm, Sweden The Explorer, 24x30", Oil on Linen

Marina Dieul, Quebec, Canada La baigneuse, 16" diameter, oil on linen

Joseph Dolderer, PA Miss Ellie, 30x24"

Michelle Dunaway, NM Autumn 18x14" oil on linen

David Gluck, BC, Canada Red Sky, 26 x 30", Oil on Linen

Jacqui Grantford, Victoria, Australia Jacki Weaver, 150cm x 150 cm, oil on canvas

Brenda Hash, TX Toughts of Elberta, 24"x36", Pastel on Canson

Andrey Kartashov, Transcarpathian, Ukraine Silent water after the orange revolution, 12x16", Oil on canvas

Paul Keysar, NC Jacob in Winter, 14x18", Oil on board

Jack Montmeat, CT The Girl in Red, 15x22", Oil on panel

Jeff Morrow, OH The Dandy, 24"x30", oil on canvas

Gregory Mortenson, NY Self-Portrait in Russian Hat, 16x13" Oil on Linen

Richard Christian Nelson, NC Look Homeward Angel, 64x44, Oil On Linen

Patricia Rice, VA Lauren, 18x16", Oil on Copper

Daniel Robbins, VA In the Studio, 42x38", Oil on canvas

Clete Shields, PA Suzanne Roberts, 15"x13"x13",Painted plaster

John S. Walker, NC Hampton, 22" x 18", oil on linen

Jennifer Welty, CA Liesel, 16 x 14", Oil on linen

Lea Wight, NJ So Far - Self Portrait, 30x24, Oil on linen