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The Cecilia Beaux Forum Literature Committee

The Cecilia Beaux Forum Literature Committee is responsible for collecting, writing, and publishing articles on historical women artists as exemplars, while also bestowing the respect these artists earned which is often overlooked in history books. Also, the Literature Committee collects, writes and publishes articles on contemporary women artists, topics of interest to art patrons, working artists and emerging artists. This effort is also to ensure a stronger community of women artists by providing the community with more visibility and an exchange of information. Articles submitted for both print and on-line will appear in The Art of the Portrait Journal, International Artist Magazine, and the Portrait Society Blog

Committee Members:

Emma Sims (Committee Chair)

Rachel Christensen

Janelle Hatherly

Kate Orr

Marianne Rice

Nancy Rowe

Sharon Smith

Get Involved:


To be a Literature Committee member, you must possess excellent writing skills, enjoy researching and interviewing, have knowledge of contemporary and historic traditions and artists, and be detail-oriented. 

If you are interested in volunteering as a Cecilia Beaux Forum Literature  Committee member, please email

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