Never too old to emerge!

In retirement, after a rich and rewarding career in the natural sciences, I have taken up oil painting with a passion. I always hankered to express myself visually and felt cheated that I couldn’t do art at school because of timetable clashes with science subjects. I wasn’t raised in an artistic environment, but my immigrant parents worked hard to give my sister and me a good education. So, with this as my background, am I too old to take on a second career as a painter? I hope not, and think the following personal attributes will help me (and others) on the journey of a mature emerging artist. Starting later in life, I have the time, financial stability, connections and freedom to be as cre

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The Portrait Society of America is a national 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, founded in February 1998

to further the traditions of fine art portraiture and figurative art. 

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