Sarah Lamb: Discovering Hidden Beauty

Sarah Lamb, a contemporary realist, focuses on still life, trompe l’oeil and game, and landscapes. She captures timeless beauty and drama in her depictions of everyday objects. Contemporary artist Sarah Lamb Born in Petersburg, Virginia, Sarah started painting when she was around seven years old. She recalls having long pigtails and would sometimes paint with the ends of them. As an only child, Sarah was encouraged by her mother and grandparents to pursue creative endeavors. Painting became a good way to spend her time. She began her art training with private art classes in the 10th grade, studying with well-known Atlanta wildlife and portrait artist Sarah Brown. In a class of mostly adults,

The Art of Community

One of the first articles I wrote for the Portrait Society Journal featured Ellen Moore, a long-time member and artist who currently lives in Texas. In addition to commissioned work, she was volunteering her time and talent to create portraits of women that were living at a refuge house for abused women. These women, displaced from their homes and feeling overpowered, came to see themselves differently through Ellen’s artistic interpretation of them. Today, she continues to donate her time with what she calls “Painting with a Purpose.” Ellen has been volunteering to paint portraits of fallen soldiers that were in the Iraq-Afghanistan war whose families live in Texas. She has also been painti

The Value of Entering Competitions

After years of submitting to the BP Portrait Award, Felicia Forte was finally heading to London in 2015 to see her work on display. The National Portrait Gallery selects portraits from the exhibit to advertise, and Felicia was thrilled to see her self-portrait Melting Point on a large banner in downtown London. Fast forward three years- and three more submissions- and Felicia’s portrait Time Traveler won Second Prize. For those of us still learning the plethora of opportunities open to portrait artists, the BP Portrait Award is one of the most prestigious competitions, along with the Outwin Boochever Portrait award, and of course, the Portrait Society of America’s Members Only and Internatio

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