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20th International Portrait Competition

2018 Winners, presented at The Art of the Portrait Conference

April 19-22, 2018 - Washington, DC area


It has been a record setting year for the Portrait Society of America. February 1st marked the beginning of our 20th year sharing a passion for the portrait. At midnight on February 22, we surpassed our previous number of entries by over 400 – with 2,733 entries submitted to the International Portrait Competition. Portraiture is alive and well!


Thank you to all the artists that submitted work and were part of such a historic time in our organization. 

Congratulations to the winners of the International Portrait Competition, recognized at the 20th The Art of the Portrait Conference, April 21, 2018.

William F. Draper Grand Prize Winner Daniel Keys Innocence, 40x45”, Oil on Linen

First Place Painting Yuqi Wang Red Hook Fantasy, 65x58", oil on linen

First Place Drawing Leon Doucette Gathering, 15x22.5”, Charcoal on Paper

First Place Sculpture Ben Hammond An Angel in Contemplation, 20.5x9x12", bronze

Second Place Casey Childs Sliver, 30x20”, Oil on Aluminum

Third Place Chin Hsien Lin Shuan's Silence, 20.9x17.9”, Oil on Canvas

Fourth Place Gavin Gardner Mia and the Stereoscope, 24x48", Clay for Plaster

Fifth Place Jean-Paul Tibbles Gordon, 18x13”, Oil

First Honor Award Simon Watkins Stephan, 31.5x39”, Oil

Second Honor Award Erin Anderson The Healer, 36x30”, Oil on Copper

Exceptional Merit Anna Rose Bain Silent Snowfall, 36x30”, Oil on Linen

Exceptional Merit Rick Casali Helena Augusta, 22x22x10”, patinated plaster

Exceptional Merit Marc Chatov Braids, 40x30", Oil

Exceptional Merit Yuan Dong Listen, 23.6x31.5” Oil on Linen

Exceptional Merit Michelle Dunaway Portrait of Richard Schmid, 40x27", oil on linen

Exceptional Merit Natalia Fabia I'm OK, 8x10”, Oil

Exceptional Merit and People's Choice Award Rose Frantzen Perhaps an Impossible Home for Invisible Dreams, 48x50”, Oil

Exceptional Merit Daniel Gerhartz Dancing on Air, 26x40”, Oil

Exceptional Merit Seth Haverkamp Sitting on the Moon, 24x36”, Oil on Panel

Exceptional Merit Pramod Kurlekar Light My Fire, 30x28”, Oil on Linen

Exceptional Merit George Pratt Mary, Arms Upraised, 18x18”, Mixed Media

Exceptional Merit Mary Sauer A Little bit of Everything, a Great Deal of None, 18x24”, Oil

Exceptional Merit Dan Thompson Heff, 18x24”, Graphite

Exceptional Merit Elizabeth Zanzinger Night Forest, 26x28”, Oil

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